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Email segmentation

Email segmentation may sound complicated, but it boils down to breaking up your email subscribers into smaller, more targeted groups. Plus, most email marketing services make it easy to segment your list.

Segmentation enables you to send more personalized emails to the right people at the right time—so each email has a better chance of converting that subsection of your customers. You can segment your email list based on several factors, including:

  • Customer type
  • Interest in certain topics or products
  • Location
  • Level of engagement

For example, you might create an email segment for brand new subscribers who haven’t made a purchase yet. Your goal for that segment is to build trust and get newbie subscribers to buy for the first time, so you might include first-time discounts in these emails.

You can have another segment for the opposite end of the spectrum—long-term, loyal customers who buy frequently and spend a lot of money with your store. You don’t need discounts to get those customers to buy, so you can focus on showcasing your appreciation for them and promoting products they may be interested in.